Calibrate CBD Kombucha

Modern potions to balance your systems

Available at select locations in Northern California



Calibrate is an ingenious, game-changing beverage that combines the triple influence of probiotics, cannabinoids, and organically grown foods to unlock the full potential of the human experience. Put simply, Calibrate is a healing potion that celebrates vitality. Imagine the level at which your mind, body, and spirit could naturally function if unburdened from stress, pain, anxiety, fatigue, inflammation, and other discomforts. Consider the capacity and willingness to heal others that might open up if you personally began to heal. Calibrate envisions a future where as individuals heal, communities heal, nations heal, and the planet in turn can heal.

Ambitious goals? Most definitely. And we’re getting it all started in Oakland, California.



Calibrate embraces the ephemeral nature of all creation. This mindset draws us to making our potions available at temporary pop-up spots to intrigue and delight those exploring their neighborhoods. All vending activities comply with the Safe Sidewalk Vending Act.




Established plant medicine. Our bodies are naturally receptive to CBD, making it effective for pain relief, trauma resilience, cancer prevention, and countless other useful applications.



Probiotics are living organisms that improve digestion, promote a healthy gut biome (our ecosystem of intestinal bacteria), strengthen the immune system, and improve mental health.


Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and antioxidant root that is linked to fighting depression, diabetes, and joint pain, and liver dysfunction. Combine with CBD for superpowers.



Spirulina is a blue-green algae with exceptional protein and vitamin content. Identified as a superfood, it can lower cholesterol, boost metabolism, and aid in weight management.


Healthy Hoodlum

I must be honest and say the taste and the effects both exceeded my expectations. Was smooth and so good that I downed 3 big sips. After 3-5 mins felt much more relaxed and calm. My body felt like a little weight had been lifted. Truly was an amazing unexpected experience.

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